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Change Locks Vaughan Locksmith Services

Need to change your locks? We can help
If a lock is rusty, or the condition has deteriorated due to wear and tear (winter weather or overuse of building doors), you may need to replace the hardware and even upgrade to newer locks.

if you come across a key that is crooked in a lock and difficult to remove, stiff locks or difficult for you to lock or unlock your door, you should consider upgrading and replacing the locks.

Change Locks - Replacement of damaged locks

Like all mechanisms with moving parts, a lock eventually wears out. Attempting to open a lock with the wrong key may break the key in the internal mechanism, and as a result lock in this position, it is better to replace the entire lock.

At least check with a professional locksmith will look and check if it can be repaired.

Some of our offers are made over the phone. We understand the problem and accordingly offer solutions for your convenience.

Change Locks VS rekeying

The one instance when you’d need to replace the entire lock

when you move home or leasing a new apartment you can change locks cylinder pines (rekey service)
old locks usually over 10 years deadbolt, doorknob, and entry handsets residential and commercial shops, office building same we recommend to change the entire locks

other reasons like upgrading the design to the home with a new door or better security locks to the business

as much to consider in pricing and warranty and quality hardware rekey normally the cheap way to get new keys to start from 40$ up to 70$ for a master key system, change locks, Vaughan, with Ameta Locksmith Installers deadbolt and doorknobs regular security 90$ up to 150$ includes replacement there is service call fee of 30$.

garage doors , cam locks, and handles entry doors locksets usability going for costing more money for the value of the brand

get Smart WiFi Deadbolt

A smart lock is without a doubt the key part of a smart connected home. Not only will it allow you to come and go as you please, but it will also live monitor who enters and leaves your property while you are away.

3 best smart door locks features 

  • the lock automatically engage you set the locks all around the house to unlock or lock after you leave on a timer.
  • unlocking and locking from anywhere letting people into a building or gain quick access to a mailman and your dog walker
  • voice activation – tell the phone to unlock the lock will you in the driveway coming back with groceries easy access like keyless entry locks

Change my Locks in Vaughan The Flexibility of High Security

The Medeco Maxum High-security residential and Commercial metal use exceeds ANSI Class 1 Havey duty industrial standards for auxiliary locks. The product is manufactured using the highest quality materials and has mounting bolts with a diameter designed to resist attacks, snooping, and drills attacks.

we are a respectable and honest locksmith service. a leader in the locksmith business for over 15 year serving Vaughan and the area same day service 

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