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Proficient Safe Opening Vaughan

It is essential to store important documents, jewelry, and other valuables in your safe, to safeguard them against burglary, fire, or natural disasters. However, at times, you can forget your combination, leaving you unable to access the things you’ve put in your safe. Every attempt you’ve tried has proved to be futile and time-consuming.

Now, frustration is creeping in as you wonder what next step to take. Well, at Ameta Locksmiths Vaughan, we’re your go-to locksmiths for all your safe needs. Here are some services we provide regarding safe opening and installation.


Proficient Safe Opening Vaughan

Ways to Open Your Safe

There are various ways to open your safe when you’ve forgotten your combination. They include drilling, cutting, and scoping, depending on the gravity of the situation. Let’s delve into it.


This is the road less traveled by locksmiths as far as safe opening is concerned. However, it can effectively open the safe. Using a saw or torch, the expert will cut into your safe. The procedure is messy, noisy, and time-consuming.


A tiny hole is drilled into your safe; then, a piece of equipment is passed through it to determine how our experts will open the safe. We have state-of-the-art equipment that counters any advanced interior tech on the safe. It is the best method since it is fast and has minor repairs, making the safe reusable again.


After drilling, we insert a borescope into the hole to understand how we’ll open your safe. This is an affordable option if your safe has added security measures like a glass locker and manipulation-proof mechanism lock.

Safe Cracking & Change of Safe Combination Code

Safecracking looks easy in movies, but in reality, it requires skills and expertise to crack open a safe. It involves the manipulation of safe locks to obtain one combination number after the other.

Each lock manipulation process varies, but they mostly rely on the imperfection of the safe locks. Locksmiths can use the method to obtain your safe combination, which can be used to reopen the safe.

When many people know your safe combination, it’s your cue to change it. The process is relatively easy and follows two basic steps- erasing your original combination number and inputting a new one. Knowing where the lock’s change position is situated will help you change the safe combination.

It is crucial to involve a locksmith’s services to be assured of satisfactory results on both counts. Ameta Locksmith Vaughan has 10 plus years of experience providing cracking and change of safe combination services to safe users. You’ll only get proficient services with us on board.

Safe Installation

Are you contemplating having a safe in your home or office in Vaughan? Before selecting any locksmith company, you must consider a few factors that will assist you to weed out shoddy experts on the market.

An excellent place to start is by looking at their experience, references on their site, training and safe-lock knowledge, plus quality equipment and insurance coverage.

Ameta Locksmith Vaughan is your best bet for attaining top-notch services. We check all the boxes as far as reputed experts are concerned. Our smart equipment plus expertise puts us in the best position to offer the best service. Call us today at 647-479-7756 for this and other related services. We’re just one phone call away.

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