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Locksmith Vaughan FAQ Everything You Wanted To Know About Security and Safety Locks

A locksmith in the city of Vaughan answers all your questions, how much will a regular lock cost you? Can you open the slammed door without damaging the lock?

Frequently Asked Questions What is lock snapping? Call & Get Answers

It is advisable to ask and explain the matter concerning the security of your home or business of course that in case of urgency while you are locked outside a technician vehicle unit will be sent immediately.

Contact us by email by phone and of course in the text you can send some pictures of the door and the lock so we can understand together the requirements and the general condition of all the locks and we can explain and quote

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in many simple situations and known cases like opening a door inside the house or doing Rekey to change the existing key.

And we can give a fixed price for all the work in advance so that you will always benefit and save. Check us. We will not disappoint you. The locks are of a quality level and include a guarantee.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Locksmith Vaughan FAQs

How Should I Rekey My House Doors?

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Although it might be scary or it could seem a huge problem, rekeying is one of the most popular and relatively easy emergencies to solve. To keep your family’s environment safe, you should rekey your locks, especially after a long time. Our company will provide you with a great number of fitting options for your home, for both indoors and outdoors spaces.

Why Should I Change My House Locking System?

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You should change your house locking system periodically for a big list of reasons, which might depend on how much you use it or how the time and the outdoors conditions might affect it in the long run. You should also do it to update it and find the newest system on the market.

How Should I Choose The Locking System For My Business?

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If you ever feel the necessity of changing your locks, whatever it is for solely routine check-ups or more serious problems, such as break-ins and burglars, you could call our company’s phone number and we will offer you the best and most fitting options for your situation. You could choose from a list of brand names of high quality which one will be the solution for your problem.

How Long Should I Wait For An Emergency Service?

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Our emergency service is a 24h open spot where you could always contact us and ask us for help. Therefore, you should not wait too long, to get the help that you need. Thanks to our long experience on the field, we could assure you that we will not take more than a maximum of 30 minutes, to arrive in your location and help you with your problem.

How Much It Costs An Emergency Service?

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Emergency service should not cost too much, since safety should be a primary right for everyone. We can offer a very convenient price range, depending on your necessity. You could contact us by explaining your problem and we will explain to you which option might be the most fitting for you and arrange a price on the service. We will come to you as soon as we can.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Car Keys?

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Losing car keys is a very common thing that could happen; however, it could cause some issues that you could not fix on your own. In these cases, you could simply call on us and request our services. Especially if you have the suspicion that they might be stolen, we could operate to change your car locks and eventually your ignition, just to be safe.

What If My Car Keys Are Broken Or Stuck In The Car Lock?

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From time to time, especially if your car locks are pretty old, they might get stuck or the keys could break. In these cases, you should not be afraid and, most of all not operate yourself. Call us on our company’s phone number 647-479-7756 and we will come to your location in the fastest time possible and proceed by cutting new car keys for you.

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